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My Ear Jazz and Jazzy Trellis Jewelry - Customized and Embellished  Ear Mitts® Bandless Ear Muffs,
About Us

My Ear Jazz and Jazzy Trellis Jewelry - table at a recent Craft and Trade showGeri Johnson, a woman from Broken Bow, Nebraska, became an authorized Ear Mitts® Dealer in February 2007.
A few months later at a craft show, she was asked by a customer if she could design something special on a pair of Ear Mitts®.  With approval from the Ear Mitts® Company, the embellished and customized line was launched.  She now has her own business, MY EAR JAZZ, by taking a patented product and customizing for any occasion, event or lifestyle.

My Ear Jazz and Jazzy Trellis Jewelry is a member of GROW Nebraska.In September of 2010, MY EAR JAZZ became a member of GROW Nebraska™.  GROW Nebraska™ is a non-profit organization, whose mission is focused on creating sustainable economic development. They do this by supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses through promotion, access
to markets and education.
It is their goal to bring Nebraska products and services to the global marketplace, and they have been successfully accomplishing that throughout their history.

One of our displays of Jazzy Trellis Jewelry at a Craft and Trade show.

Because of Geri's love of crocheting and jewelry, she put the two together in
August of 2011 and launched the Jazzy Trellis Jewelry hand-crocheted jewelry
line including, necklaces, necklaces with pendants, bracelets, pierced and clip earrings

Ear Mitts® displayed on grid wall at a recent Craft Show

MY EAR JAZZ products can be found at: 
  • This Website
  • By telephone
  • Various Craft and Trade Shows in Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Kansas
  • GROW Nebraska™ store locations including:
             Hilltop Mall, Kearney, Nebraska
             Conestoga Mall, Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Penguin Pit Stop in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Prairie Grounds Cafe' and Gifts in Broken Bow, Nebraska
  • Memories to Cherish in Bluehill, Nebraska

Broken Bow, NE 68822

FAX: 877-872-0404


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