My Ear Jazz - About Our Jewelry
My Ear Jazz and Jazzy Trellis Jewelry - Customized and Embellished  Ear Mitts® Bandless Ear Muffs,
JAZZY TRELLIS JEWELRY is Hand Crocheted Trellis Ribbon Jewelry by Geri Johnson.  

BENEFITS of wearing this type of jewelry:

  • Adjustable Length—works with different style necklines
  • Hand Washable—with mild soap, place between a towel to dry (exception-metal thread and metal pendant:  damp sponge necklace, use soft cloth on metal pendant)
  • No Clasp to Fasten—great for anyone having issues trying to fasten clasps
  • Non-Metallic—ribbon, bead and glass pendants
  • Alleviates metal allergies (exception: ones with metal threads and metal pendants)
  • Light Weight— Great for those hot days when you · really do not want to be wearing heavy jewelry
  • Bracelets—A bangle without the “clunking” sound when writing, etc. Sizes depend on hand width.
  • Earrings—Different styles available. Special orders can be made with Sterling Silver.
  • Pendants—Initial letter pendants
  • Pendants—Customization available
  • Wardrobe Accessorizing—match that favorite outfit

How to Wear:

  • Slide the bead all the way up to the 2 knots on end of strands
  • Necklace will slightly stretch when placing it over your head with the bead in the back.
  • Slide the bead down the strands to adjust the length of the necklace.  

  • Variety of hand made pendants by Geri: 
           Eggshell, Domino, Quilt Blocks with Polymer Clay          

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